The Joy of Road Trips in Oregon and Washington

There’s nothing…I mean nothing more spiritually fulfilling than getting up at the crack of dawn on a summer’s day, getting in your car with a full tank of gas, and grocery bags full of snacks. Grab a friend (or two, or three…) and hit the open road.

Where ALL things are possible; the world is your oyster and you alone are in charge of your destiny. Am I getting too philosophical? Well, that’s because road trips really do mean that much to me. Whether you are traveling to an old familiar town or exploring brand new territory with nothing but a map and no firm plans (those trips are the best kind!) road trips embody the American dream.

Oregon Road Trip

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In the Pacific Northwest, the possibilities are practically endless. But I have managed to pull together some great road trip articles – specific itineraries and loose guides alike – from other travel bloggers as well as a couple of my own posts. These will whet your whistle and get you thinking about your next great American road trip, or at least have a lovely armchair staycation!


The Ultimate Oregon Coast Road Trip

8 Unforgettable Road Trips

Central and Southern Oregon Road Trip Itinerary

The Lighthouses of Oregon

Take a Tasty Road Trip through Wine Country

The Columbia River Gorge



Northwest Washington Road Trip Itinerary

7 Unforgettable Road Trips

Deception Pass and the Northern Olympic Peninsula

Olympic National Park

One thing I have learned in my many road trip adventures is to NOT make detailed plans beforehand. Leave time for the spontaneous (and of course any road blocks you encounter along the way.) But do have a loose idea of where you want to go and a handful of places you want to experience. And don’t forget to talk to the locals for recommendations! They are your best bet for having the ultimate road trip vacation.

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