Travel Hacks: Essential Reading

We all know that it’s getting more expensive to plan and execute a vacation. Unless you have gobs of money stashed away in the bank, it’s pretty much necessary to find some ways to save money before and during your holiday. No matter what kind of trip you’re planning – a rugged camping trip in the woods? There’s a travel hack for that. An epic road trip through ten states? Even better. A high-end city-center stay at a plush hotel? Yep, there are travel hacks for that!

So what exactly IS travel hacking?

It could mean lots of things: Those with decent credit can sign up for a couple of choice airline or hotel credit cards, and get a free night and/or points right off the bat. Then there are all of the apps available for download on any smartphone, with all manner of incentives for free travel stuff and discounts. And I have already sung the praises of low-cost accommodations like Airbnb and trustedhousesitters.

Travel hacks can also mean finding ingenious little ways to make your life easier on the road. Whether it’s household items used for packing, protecting your gear and money, or using your hotel to obtain those little things you may have forgotten at home, I’ve found a great article below that highlights some of these.

Years of my life have been spent researching ways to cut costs on all of my vacations. I want to share with you some resources I have used to help me shave off some much-needed dollars. Without some of these travel hacks, I wouldn’t have been able to make the trip. Whatever your travel money-saving needs, there are so many resources to choose from. I invite you to explore these and discover some of your own.

Travel Hacks

Little Tips to Make Your Life Easier During the Trip


Airport, Car and Attraction Hacks


Many Wise Words and Great Money-saving Articles from Nomadic Matt


Other Fantastic Travel Hacking Resources


For PNW-centric travel hacks/resources, my Epic Resources page is a great place to start!

Explorer Sue Travel Hacks


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