What the Heck is Travel Roulette?

Okay, so you’ve decided that you want to take a vacation. A holiday. A few days to get away from regular life. The need burns so great in you that if you don’t leave town soon, you’ll burst. What to do? Where to go? Maybe you don’t even care where you go, you just need to get away from home.

Enter Travel Roulette

This is going beyond the Pacific Northwest. Although, if you wanted to stay within the confines of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, knock yourself out. But the world is a bit larger than that, isn’t it? Fortunately for the spontaneous and adventurous traveler, this is not a new concept. In fact, there are several websites dedicated to the cause.

What is travel roulette?

Well, just what it implies. You want to travel? Cool. Spin the wheel, or globe, as the case may be. HOWEVER…it’s not as easy as spinning the globe and putting a finger blindly somewhere on it. Because you might end up somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, for crying out loud. You have to give yourself parameters. Make the choices as varied or as narrow as you wish, but just make sure you have plenty of choices. This is roulette, after all.

To make it even more fun, pick a friend or two or five, preferably those who love to travel just as much as you. Schedule a week off to take a trip together, then instruct them to meet you at the airport with just a backpack, $500 for a flight (you haven’t booked the flight yet!) and a healthy sense of adventure.

The travel website Kayak has done this pretty brilliantly. http://www.kayak.com/buzz  Type in dates you are available, your budget, and whoosh, off you go! Take your pick of airfares within your budget that pop up on the map.

Or try this website: https://departureroulette.net/

Or for you DIY-ers out there, go here: http://www.thehollyday.com/how-to-play-travel-roulette/

Travel Roulette

Want to play some Pacific Northwest travel roulette? Try this. Using the above website’s idea, choose from the following:

Portland, OR

Bend, OR

Road trip between Cannon Beach, OR and Florence, OR

Seattle, WA

Olympic National Park

Victoria, BC

Vancouver, BC

Road trip between Seattle and Vancouver, BC

Camping in a Yurt anywhere in the PNW

(AND/OR insert your own ideas here!)

!!! Happy Travel Rouletting !!!

Travel Roulette

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