Here is a list of public transportation resources in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. It is very economical to take advantage of public transportation, whenever possible. For day and road trips, however, renting your own vehicle is always preferable, and I have included my favorite care hire companies at the end.



Trimet – Portland’s public transportation system is excellent for getting around. With a combination of buses, light rail and street cars covering the entire metro area, it really beats having to drive.

Cascades East Transit – Bus service covering the entire metro area around Bend, from Warms Springs in the north, down to La Pine.

Cherriots – Salem/Keiser metro area public transit system.



Metro Transit – Seattle’s public transit is decent, with buses, a limited light rail system and the occasional water taxi.

Washington Ferries – Everyone should ride the ferry at least once. WDOT runs a tight ship (pun intended) with excellent daily schedules taking you to almost every island on the Sound, with or without your car.

Spokane Transit – public transportation in Spokane. I haven’t personally used this, but I’ve heard great things.


British Columbia

TransLink – Vancouver’s public transportation system covering the entire metro area. Bus, trolley and SkyTrain, oh my!

B.C. Transit – Victoria’s public transporation system.

B.C. Ferrieswith or without your car, they have excellent schedules and package options to choose from.


Train / Car Resources

Amtrak – for train travel between the major cities in the Pacific Northwest.

Uber – I have yet to meet an Uber driver that didn’t provide excellent service.

Kayak – There are many car rentals sites out there, but I keep coming back to Kayak for the best deals.

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