Springtime in Portland

With all of the rainy dreary weather that we experience during Portland winters, it’s incredibly wonderful to start to see the first spring blossoms on the trees. The sun comes out just a little more, the temperatures begin to slowly climb, and most everyone seems to be just a little happier.

But isn’t it kind of like that everywhere when spring comes around?

Well sure — but in Portland, when Springtime comes, it’s just a little sweeter! You see, during the winter, the city does not see much snow, and the temps are not bitterly cold…but in exchange for more temperate weather, we see very few sunny days during the late Fall and Winter months. Rain is your (almost) constant companion. It can get even the most enthusiastic person down sometimes.

Spring is like going from this….

Portland Rain


To This !!

Springtime in Portland


To me, the coming of spring is much like New Year’s for a lot of other folks. It’s a time when you can press the ‘do over’ button…start fresh. Better weather and longer days mean an opportunity to do things differently….for the better.

And so for Portlanders, springtime is especially wonderful. As the first sunny days of the year hit us, the locals come out in full force, frequenting the parks, doing more outdoor shopping and dining in open air restaurants and brewpubs.

The trees along the waterfront park explode into bloom.

Springtime in Portland


Portland Beer Garden


The scenery literally begs you to spend more time outside. Cherry blossom trees, rhododendron bushes and azaleas take over. And you can’t forget the roses! The Rose Festival takes place for a couple of weeks during late May/early June, with parades and dozens of events throughout the city.

This is the perfect time for visitors to come to our beautiful city.


Best Places to Go in Portland during the Spring

Japanese Garden  The garden comes alive with fresh new blooms and springtime events. Admission is about $15 for adults, and is open year around.

Tom McCall Waterfront Park  Running along the Willamette River in downtown Portland, it’s the perfect place to meet a friend, go jogging/biking, or walk the pooch. There are boat docks, a historical site and public art on display.

Not far from the waterfront is Portland Saturday Market. Portland’s largest and oldest public market offers a plethora of locally hand-made goods. Find the perfect gift for someone who is normally hard to shop for, is easy here. There are also many food stands offering healthy (and not so healthy) options. Another fantastic place to people watch.

Forest Park   Portland is home to one of America’s largest urban parks, with seemingly endless hiking and biking trails. Some spots are so remote, there is nothing to remind you that you are still within the city limits. Some trails can get quite up there in elevation; the highest point being along Skyline Boulevard at 1,100 feet. The views of the city here are phenomenal.

Cinco de Mayo at Waterfront Park  Food, music, merchant vendors, carnival rides, and loads of stuff for the kids to do. This is usually a week-long celebration.

Portland Spring Beer & Wine Fest  Every spring, the Oregon Convention Center breaks out the good stuff, with exhibitors offering wine, beer, spirits, cheese, chocolate. The first 500 guests get in FREE on Friday!

Springtime in Portland

Springtime really is one of the best times to visit Portland, Oregon. This already beautiful city gets even more so with all of the budding blossoms, outdoor events and happy locals to entertain you. But be sure to still prepare for rainy weather, because while the rain does let up (slightly) in Spring, we still get our fair share of it through the season.


Springtime in Portland


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