I am working on my first novel! Its called ‘Worlds Apart‘… it’s a rock ‘n roll romance, some may call it chick-lit, but I think that term died with 90’s grunge music. Anyway, it is definitely a saucy read, and here’s the synopsis:

Can fairy-tales and happily-ever-afters really come true?

‘Worlds Apart’ examines the notion of celebrity-crushes and fandom, while at the same time explores what might happen in the “after-life”.

Serene Hawthorne’s world is overturned when her beloved husband Damon is abruptly taken from her by a fatal illness. Suddenly single and starting over in London, she is determined to make the most of it and try to live life to the fullest. She meets and begins dating the quiet and reserved musician Jimmy Jones, who just happens to be the drummer in the same rock band as the man who captured her heart as a young girl – bassist Jake Cabernet.

Through Jimmy, she gets to meet Jake. On tour with the band and completely in love with Jimmy, she gets to know the real Jake Cabernet, and all of her preconceptions about the man she had idolized all those years ago, vanish. As Jimmy begins to go down a dark path, Jake becomes Serene’s closest ally in helping her pull Jimmy back to the light. As the tour winds down, Serene realizes that she’s beginning to fall for Jake once again, this time for entirely different reasons.

Meanwhile, on the “other side”, Damon grapples with his own demons, as the pieces of his physical life on Early slowly fall away. But can he shrug off the strongest emotion – the longing for his lost wife, Serene?




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