A Pretty Good Guide to the Central Oregon Coast

Oregon’s central coast is the most diverse when it comes to wildlife and scenic views.As you meander up or down …
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Portland Distilleries

A Very Fine Guide to Distilleries in Portland

Portland is undoubtedly one of the beer and coffee capitals of the U.S., dare I say, the world. But I …
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Portland, Oregon

A Pretty Good 2-Day Portland Itinerary

I was trying to get away from doing this. Writing an article about how to have the ‘perfect Portland weekend.’ …
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Crater Lake National Park

Make no bones about it…Crater Lake is a magical place. It’s mysterious, it’s gorgeous, it’s heart-stopping. We’ve all seen pictures …
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Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington State

You’ve seen this decade volcano from the plane, or from a high rise in Seattle on a clear day, or …
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Portland Flea Market

Portland Flea Markets

A great way to soak up the essence of a city, talk with locals, and grab a bargain or two in …
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New Orleans Natchez

Why I Love (and Hate) New Orleans

“Y’all know what you’re havin’?” the friendly, weathered man said behind the counter. “Oh yeah, we came here all the …
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The Southern Oregon Coast

The whole of the Oregon Coast offers up near unlimited experiences. Explore rugged and rocky vistas, sandy beaches, and forests …
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Take the Pacific Northwest Trivia Quiz

Think you know your Pacific Northwest trivia? I’ve put together this little trivia quiz to test your knowledge and to …
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Portland Parks

The Rose City has so many wonderful parks. Portland is green (in more ways than one), and her many parks …
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Central Washington State

Road Trip! Central Washington State

Sandwiched between the Cascade Mountain Range and the secluded forests of the Nez-Pierce in Idaho, lies the deserts of central …
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Pacific Northwest Holiday

Quiz: How Should you Plan your Pacific Northwest Vacation?

Oregon, Washington and British Columbia encompass such a large area, with so many breathtaking sights, cultural experiences and outdoor activities, …
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Oregon Shakespeare Festival

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival

The sleepy town of Ashland, southern Oregon is nestled in the land of fertile farmland and rural friendliness. You wouldn’t …
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Travel Roulette

What the Heck is Travel Roulette?

Okay, so you’ve decided that you want to take a vacation. A holiday. A few days to get away from …
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