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My series on the wonderful and diverse neighborhoods of Portland, OR continues…

I hopped off of the Number 4 bus to meet my husband at one of our favorite restaurants, Miss Delta. My mouth began watering as I envisioned pulled pork, shrimp with cheesy grits, and homemade corn bread in my near future. Miss Delta is southern BBQ and creole-inspired heaven.


New Orlean’s-inspired home cookin’.

Today we’re in the N. Mississippi/Williams district, also known as the Boise-Eliot neighborhood. Located in the inner NE part of Portland, just off of I-5, this neighborhood has a youthful, counter-culture vibe. As early as 1999, this area was one to absolutely avoid: dilapidated houses, corner drug-dealers and barren streets ruled the roost. The great city of Portland decided to step up, and today it is a unique, and very popular destination for out-of-towners and locals alike. And yes, it is a bit gentrified. But among the shiny multi-story condos one will find some of the best restaurants in town, shopping of all kinds, and a couple of fantastic intimate music venues. Oh, and food carts!!


Don’t be intimidated…the line moves fairly quickly.

Por Que No. There’s a reason this taqueria is the most popular eatery on Mississippi Ave. The tacos are just that good. Order them with their killer margharita and you’ll be feelin’ fine. On any given night you will see a line out the door (they don’t take reservations), so get their early for dinner. Por Que No serves up their food with an emphasis on sustainability.  Like a good neighbor…


Live Music Lovers Unite!

Mississippi Studios and Bar Bar. One of the more well-known music venues in Portland, Mississippi Studios hosts both local and national bands in an intimate setting. Enjoy your music up close and personal standing close to the stage, or venture upstairs where they have a couple of dozen seats, with an equally fine view of the stage. Just next door is Bar Bar with a fantastic pub menu and outdoor seating.  Just down the street is Mississippi Records, where the music lover in you can satiate your vinyl fix.


Pieces of art like this pepper the neighborhood.



Gypsy Chic Boutique. Ladies clothing and jewelry that is both beautiful and comfortable. Owner Jamie Jensen has worked hard to bring high-quality, fun and fashionable threads from around the world to you in an environmentally friendly “Portland” way.


Frog Heaven!



Beer…it’s what they do.

Stormbreaker Brewing. THE place on N. Mississippi to catch the latest sporting event on their surround sound system. On those rainy Portland days they also have heated, covered patio seating, featuring a menu of your typical pub fare.  And yeah, they brew their own fabulous beers. Take a six pack home with you.

Speaking of beer…don’t want your libations in just one place? Check this out. The Mississippi/Williams brewery tour.


Salty’s Pet Supply. Owner Nancy Fedelem is committed to giving local pet owners affordable and sustainable food, toys and accessories for their small animals. Over the years her shop has given to local rescue organizations, and made donations to various animal groups.


Water your pooch on a hot day.


A tiny oasis in a lovely N. Mississippi courtyard.

Need to do some remodeling? Visit the ReBuilding Center. Their focus is on re-purposing building and remodeling materials. (Do you see a sustainability theme here?) Find that unique piece that will tie together that room in your house.


Obey the octopus.

Just a half-mile to the east is N. Williams Ave. Another great street for restaurant and shopping. A subject for another post…

Where to Stay: Caravan Tiny House Hotel


Wise words above a store front.

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