Moving and the Art of Travel

So, I just completed a move. A move from a nice, quiet ranch house in the suburbs into a small studio apartment on one of the hippest streets in the center of Portland. The move was exhausting…I’ve done many moves and they’re ALWAYS exhausting. But the important thing is…

I’m happy!

I love my little place. It’s a studio in the corner of an eco-friendly apartment building (yes, I AM in Portland), on the second floor with a wrap-around balcony. I can’t wait until the weather gets warmer and I can sit in my camp chair on my balcony, sipping a margarita or drinking a craft beer, and watch all of the hipsters and tourists meander down my street.

I was miserable in the ‘burbs

Out of necessity, we moved to the next town over from Portland two years ago, due to a family situation. While the suburbs are quiet and peaceful, there’s just nothing to do there. In addition to that, my day job (other than being a travel writer) is in North Portland, so the daily commute was a living hell. It kept me from coming home at a decent hour to devote the rest of my day to this travel blog.

Art Moving Portland

More time to explore!

This new space I have is the perfect place for writing. It’s got several windows so the natural light comes in, and I’ve set up a corner desk that is cozy and inviting. I really do look forward to being inspired by my new space to bring you many more fantastic articles that will leave you salivating to explore the Pacific Northwest.

As I reflect on this latest move, I can’t help but relate it very closely to my love of travel. I LOVE setting up shop in a new space, and exploring my surroundings. Even though the physicality of moving is exhausting, once it’s all over, I’m on cloud nine. You never know just how much crap you have accumulated until you move! Slowly but surely, I am doing away with anything that is not absolutely essential (apart from a few precious keepsakes.)

Naturally Nomadic

Funny, it took me about twenty years to realize that I’m naturally nomadic. I really do not like staying in one place for very long. After a while, the mundane routine of coming home to the same place over and over becomes extremely mundane to me. I love to move around and explore and experience new places and spaces. All the time. Over the last year, I have also become a trusted house sitter. I found a way to combine my love of animals, and my love for exploring new places. Next year I hope to travel to Europe as a trusted housesitter.

While many people take comfort in their daily routine, I take comfort in constant change. It’s part of the reason I decided to become a travel writer. To me, the daily routine brings no excitement, no challenge. It’s stagnant. It’s boring. And I can’t stand that for very long.

Moving to a new place is like traveling in that it is necessary to establish a new order, new rules (sometimes) and a turning of a page in your life (or a chapter, if you like). It’s a progression. I suppose for me, it’s a way of evolving as a person. To travel is to see the world in a new light. Each and every time.

And I live for that.

As the song says, ‘Wherever I hang my hat, that’s my home.”

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