Helpful Travel Products


Dakine is a great adventure travel clothing and gear company located in beautiful Hood River, not far from Portland. I’ve been using my Dakine carry-on bag for years and will be sad if it ever wears out. They don’t make mine anymore, but here’s one very similar.


Any traveler worth their weight would be hard-pressed to do without the oh-so-handy TSA approved travel toiletry bottles. Travelon does them right, packaged in a lovely quart zip bag.


Probably the favorite out of all my travel gear, this little beauty has practically become part of my body. It rarely leaves my side while I’m on the road (or even just walking down my street.) Baggallini’s durable nylon products are incredibly tough, and will last for many years.


The capris I would never take off (y’know, if I didn’t need to shower or get to the office occasionaly). Stonewear is a master in sporty comfort. Go hiking, do rockclimbing, even pub crawling….in style with these versatile capri pants.



The camera we cannot do without. Hands down. It has a very fast auto-focus, and takes great pictures in low light. It is also very versatile in that it can fit many external lenses.