Helmsman’s Hideaway: Perfection on the Oregon Coast

A cold and rainy Friday night found us driving from Portland to Florence, Oregon to spend a weekend getaway at the coast. After a long day at work and over three hours of driving, we were ready to relax! When we finally arrived in Florence, we headed north of town about 3 miles and pulled up to our destination.

What greeted us was a lovely vacation house, with festive white lights lining the A-frame’s shape. A welcoming sight in the dark drizzle of the evening.

“Wow, nice!” My husband said. “We’re staying here?” Let the record state he is not someone who is easily impressed. As we ascended the large front deck and entered the house, a homey, woodsy aroma filled our senses. And on the kitchen table, a welcome gift!

helmsman's hideaway oregon coast


After settling in, we had a glass of wine (or two) and munched on the yummy home-baked treats in the living room. A short time later, we decided to turn in after our long day, and quickly fell asleep wrapped up in warm comforters on soft beds with pillows galore.

The house sleeps up to eight, with two queen beds in the master bedroom, and a pull-out sofa in the living room. A wrought iron spiral staircase ushers you up to the loft where another queen bed and half bath resides. Tall people watch your head! The walls of the A-frame come together as you reach the second level.

The main bath downstairs has been updated with a modern bowl sink and attractive glass tiling in the shower/tub combo. There are plenty of towels and even first aid supplies!

But that pales in comparison to an extremely well-stocked kitchen. The owner has thought of just about everything here. A refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, stove/oven, toaster oven and microwave oven. Cooking/baking appliances and supplies. Pots and pans. Enough plates, bowls, glasses, and silverware to feed a small army. A generous pantry with many of the odds and ends you wouldn’t think to bring with you to create a fabulous meal.

An artistic influence is prominent throughout the house. You can have an impromptu jam session with the acoustic and electric guitars, tambourine and bongo drums. Unique paintings from local artists can be found throughout the house. Not a musician? Thoughtful reading material in the living room will entertain you during the quiet evening hours.  A flat-screen TV complete with ROKU is tucked discreetly in one of the bedroom closets. Wi-Fi is also available. But why watch television when there is so much else to do? Board and card games reside in the drawers. Activities for the kids. There’s even a writing desk in the corner of the master bedroom.

Subtle touches and attention to detail made staying here truly feel like home. In the kitchen, open galley shelves store the dishes and glassware, and there are pegged hardwood floors throughout. But what really adds to the charm is the master bedroom; an apparent addition to the house some years after it was built. You can tell this because the original shingles on the right outside of the a-frame remain as the north wall of the bedroom. And plenty of windows let in natural light.

You can even bring your pooch! There’s a ‘pet kit’ with blankets, towels and other cleaning supplies in the attached one-car garage in the back of the house, along with the washer and dryer. Grill your meats and veggies on the gas grill. There is wood for the cast iron stove in the living room. Quite a bit of thought and attention to detail went into this house and makes it one of the best vacation homes on the Oregon coast.

The next morning, we awoke to partly-sunny skies and a gorgeous view outside. This A-frame vacation rental is tucked in a quiet neighborhood a few blocks away from the beach; there are neighbors on either side of you, but the house has a somewhat secluded feel as the property is surrounded by tall trees.


helmsman's hideaway oregon coast



We took our time with a leisurely breakfast made in the fully-stocked kitchen. With all of the activities available and the coziness of the house, it almost invites you to stay indoors. If you were waiting out a storm, this house would fit the bill. But we had a gorgeous day and some sightseeing to do!

We drove north of Florence and visited Heceta Head Lighthouse, Cape Perpetua, the Hobbit Trail, and the Sea Lion Caves. The whale-watching was supposed to be superb during our visit, but alas, we saw none. Later in the afternoon we wandered around Old Town in Florence and did some shopping.


helmsman's hideaway oregon coast


That evening, back at the house, we grilled steaks on the gas grill. As I prepared the side dishes, I noticed my husband rummaging around in the fully stocked pantry, and pull a few spices out. I don’t know what he did to that steak (he wouldn’t tell me), but between the outdoor grill and the spices, it was one of the best steaks I ever had.

We spent the rest of the evening enjoying the house: reading quietly in the living room, then playing one of several games stored in a dresser drawer. Since my husband is a musician, I’m surprised he didn’t insist on a short jam session with me doing my best on the bongo drums but had we stayed longer…who knows! For an Oregon coast vacation rental, it was perfect.

We only spent two nights at the A-frame, and I wish we could’ve extended our trip. I was a little sad to go. But I’m sure we’ll be back.


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This vacation home is great for:

  • A romantic getaway
  • A family reunion
  • A family vacation
  • A getaway with your (well-behaved) pooch

Things To Do Around Florence:

*Disclaimer: I was hosted at this awesome vacation rental by the owner, however, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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