Epic Resources

Where I go first to find travel deals (to anywhere)

Travelzoo – becoming a member is free. And you get updates on great new deals exclusive only to Travelzoo in your e-mail in box.






AirBnB – the ultimate resource for affordable accommodation just a bout anywhere, with a personal flair.

Booking.com – hotel, apartments and more and great discounted rates.

Windmu – much like AirBnbB, but a bit more upsale, and not as many choices. Still cheaper than most hotel rooms.


General Travel Info

WikiTravel – as the name implies, this is an unbiased resources to find valuable information on ANY destination.

Northwest Travel Advisor – factoids about all things PNW. A good place to start.


My Travel Blogging Resource

TravelBloggersGuide.com – my “one stop shop” for most all my travel blogging needs!


The Top Travel Blogs I Follow:

I am Aileen – Aileen is an inspiration. Be like Aileen.

Nomadic Samuel – He tells great stories, and has an awesome vlogging section. We need more vloggers like him!

Otts World – Sherry is a fellow former cube dweller and mid-lifer who loves to wander.

Road Dog Travel – Chad focuses on travel in North America, with an emphasis on budget travel.

Smiling Faces Travel Photos – This site has lots of articles that help you with your photography on the road.

Legal Nomads – put down your travel novel and read Jodi’s long-form travel and food escapades.

Backpacking Travel Blog – A great place to start for tips and tricks on your backpacking adventures.

The Everywhereist – this gal is sooooo funny. I’ve peed my pants from reading this blog. Twice.

Solitary Wanderer – my favorite solo female travel blog. Aleah knows her stuff.

That Backpacker – Audrey does a kick-ass job of inspiring your wanderlust with her blog and YouTube videos.


Other Great Pacific Northwest Travel Blogs

Go Northwest

Southwest Liz

NW Photo Blog

Beautiful Pacific Northwest

Outdoor Project

Family Fun in Portland

Hiker Mama

Hiking with My Brother

Angela Travels


Resources for Travel Bloggers

Travel Blog Advice

Travel Blog Success


Chambers of Commerce

Portland Chamber of Commerce

Seattle Chamber of Commerce

British Columbia Chamber of Commerce


City Guides

Portland City Guide

Lonely Planet on Portland

One More Portland City Guide

Seattle City Guide

Vancouver City Guide


Skiing / Snowboarding

Ski Oregon

Ski Washington