Chapter 2

Damon stood outside the place they called ‘the awakening.’ His first observation was the desolation of the place. So very empty, or at least that was the feeling he got from the essence radiating from the structure before him. Just a little while ago, as he eavesdropped on the other crossovers during the mundane trip on the ‘train’ out of the first dimension, the awakening was the first place to go when you had no idea what you were doing, or where you were going.

At first, he wasn’t even sure he had left the first dimension, and then it became clear to him as if he had just woken from a dream. He had to leave ‘the first’ behind because his body was just no longer up to the task of housing his soul any longer.

After such a long time of being sick and inwardly screaming for release…it was relatively easy to let go. The only thing that was not easy was leaving Serene. That he most definitely did not like, but there was no way his mortal coil could withstand further damage to his spirit. And when the opportunity presented itself, he drew up what remained of his waning energy, and heeded the call of the infinite black wormhole. There was just enough kismet in him to squeeze his soul through that wormhole, and the next thing he knew he was on the ‘train.’ He was free.

It was a bit like going to the dentist to have an impacted tooth removed. You dreaded having to do it, but you had to, to get relief. He knew this was what he was meant to do. To explore all the rest that creation had to offer. So he refused to allow himself to grieve Serene’s absence for very long. Dammit though, he sure would miss her. After all, she was all he was living for.

He often told her he would die without her. Well, it looked as though he had to do the dying first. He hoped that she would be okay. Who was he kidding? Of course, she would be okay; his incredibly independent wife. But he made a mental note, all the same, to see about getting her out of ‘the first’, to join him on this new quest. But before he could think about that, he had to figure out how to get used to the new existence.

Already he felt different, freer, more in control of himself and his surroundings. But he no longer had a body. Not in the physical sense, at least. One thing he noticed right away was how crisp and clean everything was. His prior existence was all about living with dirt and dust. You had to constantly clean yourself and your surroundings, or risk being swallowed in filth. But not here. Here there was a distinct absence of cellular material bogging you down.

How refreshing!

It was liberating and at the same time a little unsettling to Damon. This was going to take some getting used to. It was this thought that made him start to panic. Should he be wary of evil spirits, whose only purpose was to get rid of him? Snuff out his newly-freed soul? He looked about and only sensed a pervasive nothingness, with the ‘awakening’ structure a silent monolith ahead of him. His attention began to focus in on what might lie beyond its ‘walls’.

What is my purpose? Where do I go? What do I do? He had an underlying inkling that somehow  he shouldn’t be fearful, and yet he was, for he couldn’t help being just a little bit apprehensive in this strange new environment. What he didn’t yet realize was that he could go anywhere; do anything, at just the mere thought of thinking it. This concept would take him awhile to grasp, because his earthly brain was till anchored to the crude and simplistic three-dimensional wisdom.

On the train he found that he could hone in and eavesdrop on the two souls having a conversation, in a crowded ‘car’ of souls. Did everyone have that power here? So much to discover, so much to learn! He hoped ‘the awakening’ would tell him more. With a strange mixture of anticipation and wayward trepidation, he started climbing the ‘steps’ to ‘the awakening.’

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