Broughton Archipelago

Discovering the Villages of Vancouver Island

Ever wonder what was down that lonely dirt road on your last road trip to a popular destination? Did you …
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Vista House

10 Observations I’ve Made Living in the Pacific Northwest

When I moved to Portland in my early twenties, I have to admit I had no idea what living in …
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University of Oregon

Eugene, Oregon is Not Just for Duck’s Lovers

Just off of I-5 in the midst of the fertile, wine-grape-loving’ Willamette Valley of central Oregon is the town of …
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Oregon Coast Vacation Rental

Helmsman’s Hideaway: Perfection on the Oregon Coast

A cold and rainy Friday night found us driving from Portland to Florence, Oregon to spend a weekend getaway at …
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pacific northwest travel

Is This a Good Pacific Northwest Travel Website?

I love the Pacific Northwest. I’ve lived here for over twenty years. I love living here so much that I’ve …
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Solo Travel

Why the Pacific Northwest is Perfect for Solo Travel

Solo travel, especially female solo travel, is becoming increasingly common. And it’s about flippin’ time! There are many travel bloggers …
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Spending the Holidays in Portland

Portland during the holidays doesn’t get a lot of snow if any. We are deep in the Willamette Valley, where …
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Moving and the Art of Travel

So, I just completed a move. A move from a nice, quiet ranch house in the suburbs into a small …
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The Benson Hotel

Where to Stay (and Play) in Portland, OR

Portland is a cosmopolitan city. Perhaps not quite on the level that Seattle is, but just enough to make you …
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Bridge of the Gods

Writers Who Inspire Oregon Travel

Oregon is home to a great many prolific authors. The majority of people who live here, especially in Portland and …
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Seattle Itinerary

A Pretty Good 2-Day Seattle Itinerary

I love the city of Seattle…if it wasn’t so darn expensive to live there, I would. The fact that Seattle …
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A Pretty Good Guide to the Central Oregon Coast

Oregon’s central coast is the most diverse when it comes to wildlife and scenic views.As you meander up or down …
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Portland Distilleries

A Very Fine Guide to Distilleries in Portland

Portland is undoubtedly one of the beer and coffee capitals of the U.S., dare I say, the world. But I …
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Portland, Oregon

A Pretty Good 2-Day Portland Itinerary

I was trying to get away from doing this. Writing an article about how to have the ‘perfect Portland holiday.’ …
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